Raquel's ScreenTime This Week

Online Habits

Raquel spends most of her screentime on Instagram. She enjoys scrolling through the explore page to look at fashion, graphic design, and photography. Sometimes, she wanders off and spends hours watching skincare routines on Youtube. However, she most enjoys making playlists on Spotify from songs she finds on the radio. She has over 30 playlists, each a different genre, some lasting up to 15 hours. Recently, due to lockdown, she spends much of her time on Depop but never buys anything due to the 25 dollar shipping fees.
"I love making playsists on Spotify. I can spend days if not weeks making and organising a single playlist. I find it relaxing and I love discovering new music. My favorite playslits and my music taste constantly changes. I recently made a Playlist called "lockdown" that consists of a lot of classics like Modern Love by David Bowie."

Top 7 Apps


5 Favorite Ways of Spending Free Time

Listening to music
Making playlists
Going on long walks
Virtual thrifting
Film photography

A website that Raquel has visited recently that surprised her: here

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